Caring For Your Skin After Plastic Surgery

One thing you will probably notice after having cosmetic surgery is that your skin is very sensitive. Taking care of your skin after surgery is extremely important to helping you recover. Fortunately, there are several ways you can care for your skin after surgery to help the healing process along.

Something to be extremely aware of after cosmetic surgery is that your skin will likely be very sensitive to the sun. It will usually take far less time for the sun to damage unprotected skin after surgery than it normally would. With that in mind, you are going to want to limit yourself to as little sun exposure as possible. Do not expose unprotected skin to the sun for more than a few minutes. If you do have to expose yourself to the sun for whatever reason, be absolutely sure to put on sunscreen. The optimal SPF range for the sunscreen is between 30 and 40. Anything higher and the sunscreen may block your pores. Anything lower and you may not have enough protection.

Another thing you can do to help your skin is to make sure to use sensitive skin products. Most skin care products that are for sensitive skin will state it on the label, so look for such a label before purchasing or using any skin care products. If you don’t see a sensitive skin label, don’t use the product. Skin care products that are not for sensitive skin can cause irritation, possibly rashes, and may hinder the healing process.

It is also important to avoid scratching or rubbing areas of the skin that have become irritated or where there is swelling. If you scratch or rub these areas, you could increase the irritation or swelling, and may even break the skin and cause bleeding. This would be a big setback in the healing process. You need to leave your skin to heal, and scratching and rubbing do not allow that to happen.

Keeping hydrated is another important step. If you keep yourself hydrated after the surgery, it will help your skin to rejuvenate. To keep yourself hydrated after surgery, you should drink around six-to-eight glasses of water per day. If you start feeling dehydrated, you may need to drink even more than that.

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