... Can be obtained high income just to talk with men. How would that simple that? 
Since it is a full commission, it would be your efforts becomes necessary. In hell, what should I do any effort? ? First, let's to write as much as possible to self-introduction at the beginning. People "favorite things" such as favorite food and favorite thing often is advantageous. The important thing following is "Photo". Let the photos you convincing you think so determines men is whether to choose me in this photo, he would most cute. Let's make-pat shed light firmly! Let's carefully selected access number will change by this photo. Income seems not stable about three months for the first time on the chat ready. Will be of talk many times and get to like it. If you want to stabilize, let's continue to appeal to many people and diligently. It is this steady, is lead to large income after! ! ! For example, so always try to mindful posts of thanks, such as "Thank you ☆ ♪ was fun" conversation is finished. Again, the impression I mon is good for a child good manners! Let's enough seems notes that's exaggerated and Cho. I think the reaction is large, and has me interested in the story of their own. 

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