It should not be far the mind here and relieved ♪ conversation for the first time is going well. Also, but it might be able to converse with the same man? "I ask the same question" that at that time, please do not it is. This, I'm a thoughtfulness trivial I really grab the hearts of the people, rather than in that chat Lady. For example, ... Although I raised the talk of favorite food before, you are asked is! "Do I'm a favorite food" in the following conversation. ~ I think you withered. What is important here is is to issue a "special feeling". I think that you issue in the words you can out of the atmosphere of "because you", and perceptions in the same words, and will differ considerably. So always try to speak with a little plus in layman's terms, "I'm very forgetful, but I, ♪ The'm not forgotten conversation with you during this time because was fun" or. You can also compliment the other party is also important. With praise and belongings of the other party to this ♪ good idea "clothes of blue that you are wearing today, it looks like summer very" or the like if you have difficulty or "You look very clothes of blue that you are wearing today", it is the praise You think that it is "~ Na is willing to look properly". Just be careful because there is likely to be counter-productive way contrived praise ◎ 

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