Speeding Up Your Recovery from Breast Augmentation Surgery Thailand – What To Do

Breast augmentation Thailand surgery should be smooth, quick and perfect when it is done by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Recovery should be quick, smooth and healthy too!

Just had a breast augmentation surgery and need those scars to heal fast?
After successfully going under the knife to add a little shape to your upper half, the all-important recovery process should kick-off. And not only should they heal in healthily, but more importantly in a rather in a graceful, speedy fashion.
Professional surgeons often do the job so well that some women heal pretty quickly and resume their day-to-day chores in days. That’s why those looking for a perfect place to undergo the procedure without breaking their banks nowadays prefer breast surgery in Thailand.
When it comes to easy recovery after breast surgery, however, the total timeframe depends on a host of factors. You must have prepared well enough before and during the vital days, went for the best facility and the procedure went on without a hitch. Ideally, you must consult a trusted cosmetics expert.

If you have just had the procedure and can’t wait to see your boobs looking all new, fresh and amazing, make sure to keep in mind the following tips:

1. Get plenty of rest and sleep, BUT NEVER facing down
Sleeping like a baby during your recovery is a no-brainer. You need more than the ordinary 6-8 hours of constant nightly sleep to hasten the healing. But while at that, refrain from facing down; sleep on your back instead.
If you sleep face down, your breasts may not only droop, but those implants will as well deform. Therefore, lie on your back whenever you catch a nap, for at least six weeks.

2. Take lots of healthy, light foods
Just like you did before the procedure, make sure your kitchen is well-stocked with fresh greens, fruits and water after the surgery. Your breasts will heal faster after that cosmetic procedure if you eat lots of vitamin-rich veggies and drink lots of freshwaters. Remember, your body will need lots of energy to hasten the healing process; what you imbibe should comfortably provide.

3. Light chores – if it’s mandatory
Your upper extremities ought not to undergo any duress after breast augmentation surgery. That means you stop lifting heavy loads. Implant displacement often happens after doing heavy, strenuous work immediately after the surgery and you must avoid that. Be sure to gauge your movements too.

4. Avoid the bathtub and the pool
Don’t submerge your upper body in the bathtub until those incisions are totally closed. One of the risks of doing this is with the bacteria in the tub; they may infect the wound. Also, water isn’t great for the incisions – they need to be dry for faster healing. Short showers are okay, however.

Other than these activities, try to avoid smoking or drinking until you are fully healed. Alcohol and smoking obstruct blood from flowing freely in the body and inherently delay faster healing. Also, try to avoid underwire bras and any other innerwear that could feel uncomfortable on.
Wishing you quick, speedy healing!

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