(TH) Simplicity

(TH) When you say chat Lady and what your job, it is something instead of talking with men in telephone or email, that to talk while looking at the face it with a camera and microphone to the computer. 
As a condition, it is two points "that a woman" and "that there is a personal computer." That it is a woman is, of course, it seems there is also a company that might gift or loan If you do not have a personal computer also ☆, is in the home PC, but "I do not want to be seen around the room" live with "family When we say, such as "do not want Bale Since, there is also a place where the chat room is equipped in Tokyo. And is there any place etc washable and shower, makeup! ♪ that if such an environment, you start to feel free ne'm likely to be rather difficult, especially ◎'m okay operation person also called weak personal computer, I may be able to something blind touch. You can start if you can even click! For you to go to the company school lunch I If you have a chat ready, because it is your job to make spare time a little of the night, I may not work in downtown at night in order to obtain a high income. So ♪ I'll be able to work efficiently it is possible to end up like time favorite time of their own, those who have worked a long period of time is often the person who started the chat Lady ☆