(TH)Is there a point you want to try still. ... Because PC over. Can not get to the heart of men are by far the bother! In front of the favorite men, but you do not stay sharp? Turn someone's head man likes! ! ◎ Let's stomach such discouraging always even and makeup clothes, so always try to log in from a state such that go on a date from now. Let's start with the most state cute! Is important of course, but it looks, from here is the game a real conversation when it begins. What about me when you talk to men their own favorite? It 's will to question naturally interested because gives rise. Also, I think you hear seriously over there Once you start talking. In the same sense, so always try to listen to the story seriously. Good at all, let's extensive use the name of the person. Well, I think you say it is good and put the name of the person to such mail. The same applies when you have a conversation, let's give read the name in the way of calling the other party wants to be called. So try to enjoy feeling such also ♪ myself I'm feel like a girlfriend and boyfriend at that call each name. Then, the fun feelings because there should convey its fun also to the other party, it is better to chat while enjoying from the heart ◎ would give it if we care about the trivial things like this, you want to talk more "with you! anyone who "should come more! !