Types of Breast Implants in Thailand

Breast implants in Thailand are a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to improve the appearance and fullness of breasts. It is also useful for people who need to replace their breasts after suffering from breast cancer and other conditions that might lead to the removal of breasts. In Thailand, several types of procedures are available, depending on the preferences of the patient.

The following are the most popular breast implant techniques in Thailand.
Saline Breast Implants
Saline breast implants involve the filling of breasts with sterile salt water. If the shell breaks, the saline water gets absorbed into the body where it is later expelled. These implants are useful for improving the feel, firmness, and shape of breasts.

Silicone Breast Implants
As the name suggests, silicone breasts implants are filled with plastic gel. Many patients like these implants because they feel natural. The problem, however, is that they are riskier than saline in case the shell gets broken and the gel leaks. For this reason, you need to consult a surgeon regularly to ensure that there are no leaks. During such visits, the doctor will use magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound technologies to determine the presence of any leaks.

Gummy Bear breast Implants
Gummy bear implants are different in that they do not lose their shape even if the implant shell gets broken. This is because these implants have a more consistent and firmer silicone gel than typical implants. The placement of gummy bear implants needs a bigger incision than others. Also, these implants are tapered towards the top and have more projection towards the bottom.

Breast implants in Thailand are not a permanent solution - they might need replacements after some time, especially when they lose shape. It is advisable to visit the surgeon regularly to avoid any complications resulting from ruptured implants. Also, you should know that implants make it difficult to breastfeed and to screen for cancer.

As technology advances, there are newer forms of implants that come to the market. Regardless of your choice, it is essential to check up your breast implants consistently by visiting your plastic surgeon.

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