Types of Facelift Procedures in Thailand

A significant number of people seeking to undergo cosmetic surgery often go for facelifts. They are a proven way of reversing the effects of obesity and ageing, and recent technological advancements have improved their success rates significantly.
The following are some of the types of facelifts that are available in Thailand.

Liquid Facelifts
Liquid facelifts aim to prevent or postpone the need for facial surgery. It is a non-invasive technique where the doctor injects a filler liquid to remove wrinkles on the face. Because of its simplicity, it usually takes a few hours to complete.

Mini Facelift
Mini facelifts are useful in eliminating excess fat and wrinkles on the face. The doctors make small incisions along the hairline, allowing them to remove fat tissue and tighten the skin. Essentially, it is a less invasive substitute for a full facelift.

Jawline Restoration
The objective of this procedure is to enhance the shape of the area between the jaw and the upper neck. It relies on liposuction to remove fat tissues around the neck region. The fat can later be used as a filler to improve the appearance of the face.

As the name suggests, the mid-facelift targets the cheek region. It involves the making of incisions around the mouth and above the ears. The doctors use these openings to align the fat tissues and tighten the skin.

Cutaneous Facelifts
Cutaneous facelifts focus on improving the appearance of the neck and the lower face region, especially the chin. The surgeon creates openings along the hairline and around the ears. Any extra skin is then removed, followed by tightening and stitching up of the remaining skin. The effects of cutaneous facelifts usually fade away faster as compared to other procedures.

Full Facelift
A full facelift is the most thorough facelift technique. It is suitable for people who have extensive facial ageing, such as wrinkles and sunken eyes. The surgeon makes incisions around the ears, below the chin, and along the hairline. This is followed by tightening and stitching, and the wounds take up to two weeks to heal completely.

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